Global organisation FDATA and its members are making moves in the world of Open Finance and Banking.
Global organisation FDATA and its members are making moves in the world of Open Finance and Banking.

Dec 2, 2021

All About FDATA

FDATA is a not-for-profit organisation representing fintechs from all around the world, specialising in Open Finance and Open Banking with a purpose to implement a fair and ethical competitive landscape to promote innovation between members, thus providing better experiences for consumers. FDATA works closely with governments and policy makers, providing members with the most up-to-date information around the Open Finance and Banking climate.

Being the representative body of many fintechs, FDATA gives the fintech industry a voice in government settings and “gives members forward intelligence on key policy matters, changes, and trends.” Which is a huge advantage in this global landscape, with knowledge and connections in the largest markets in the world.

Behind Open Banking in Australia

FDATA is an association leading the charge in Open Banking and Finance in Australia and New Zealand. They provide consultations and advocacy within government departments, the ACCC, and the Data Standards body. Being involved in the introduction and phasing of Open Banking in Australia and the Regulatory Reform to launch Consumer Data Rights (CDR) in Australia. FDATA and its members are playing an active role in this era that is set to shape the future of how Australians and New Zealanders interact with their finances.

Credfin and FDATA

Credfin is proud to be a member of the FDATA Australian Chapter. Members receive the most up-to-date information around Open Finance, Banking and CDR in Australia and globally. It allows us to be part of a healthy, competitive landscape with some of Australia’s leading fintechs and lenders.

A recent win for us was being awarded with the “Best use of Open Banking in consumer credit/lending offerings'' held at the FDATA 2021 Global Open Finance Awards. Established in 2018, the FDATA Global Open Finance Awards serve to recognise excellence and innovation in fintech, awarding companies that actively deliver Open Banking to the market and empower customers to take control over their financial lives.

With this recent win under our belt, Credfin has finished out a huge year, with 2022 shaping up to be even bigger, with news on payments just around the corner. This means tighter processes, improved communications and enhanced systems matched with award winning service and insights. It’s an exciting time for the team at Credfin and we are so thankful to have won such a fantastic award and be recognised as a global award-winning company, and proud to be a part of FDATA.

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