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Securely and simply retrieve bank transactional data. Seamlessly.

We are an aggregation platform for acquiring financial data. We provide secured access to hundreds of institutions via APIs. We help global banks, lenders, brands, neo lenders and fintechs access financial data and create powerful customer experiences.

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Truly understand bank statement data. Raw data converted into insights.

Discover the next generation of income and expense verification using realtime bank data. Understand how customers are spending in seconds with our transaction categorisation engine based on the transaction description, amount, date, time and contextual metadata.

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KYC & AML obligations. Verify personal data in real time.

Our KYC output provides different types of personal data in a standardised,unified form. Our automated engine can be embedded within the onboarding experience. We leverage AI, computer vision and OCR to deliver a fast and accurate solution.

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Building custom credit scoring models. Predict probability of default.

Custom credit scoring models are built, using individual or combined features that are constructed from bank transaction data, application data and/or multi bureau data. A set of features is passed as a data structure toa model where a score is calculated.

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