Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Have specific requirements or a unique use case?

Credfin doesn't just provide a service, we partner with vendors to develop solutions specific to their industries and workflows. This creates efficient processes with great customer experiences while reducing application drop off rates and maximising traffic value.

With our extensive range of metrics, we probably have one that suits every possible use case you may encounter. If you have a requirement for something unique, we can develop custom metrics, workflows and even provide customised analysis templates that are branded to your brand.

Customised options enrich your insights and give power to our clients to compare a consumer across key affordability, reliability and social behaviour indicators.

Our proprietary bank statement solution utilises our knowledge of financial services to provide accurate and trusted insights. This is derived by using financial data obtained from all customer bank accounts.

If you need advanced solutions, we can also support customised scoring utilising benchmarked data. Using a set of customisable analytical solutions for Enterprise-level clients that require the most advanced capabilities.

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